ENLIL Solar Wind Prediction - Parker Solar Probe (PSP)

This site presents results from a research version of the WSA-ENLIL-Cone modeling system. The stable ENLIL version is used by NOAA/SWPC and UK MetOffice for official space weather forecast and by NASA/CCMC for run-on-request support of the space weather community and for operational support of NASA heliospheric and other missions.

Selected animations providing the global context (click on an image to launch the animation).

vel2e1-psp image

los2dj-rdif1 image

den1-psp image

den1-psp image

Please send questions and comments to Dusan.Odstrcil@gmail.com at George Mason University (Department of Physics and Astronomy) and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Code 674 Space Weather Laboratory).

Acknowledgments: This work has been supported by NASA/LWS Program