ENLIL Solar Wind Prediction - Space Weather in 2024

CCMC has compiled the largest catalog of CMEs with fitted geometric and kinematic parameters from 2010 to the present. This enables to simulate an outlook on what might be expected in 2024 using 11-years old observations (the same phase of the solar cycle activity) and future planetary and spacecraft positions.

The animations show:
(1) how violent the heliospheric space weather might be during the early phases of the NASA Artemis Program (see also Artemis Program at wikipedia);
(2) how remote observations from future constellation of the STEREO-A, Solar Orbiter, and PUNCH spacecraft (dedicated to operational space weather monitoring) could be used for "mid-course" corrections of numerical heliospheric predictions.

Selected animations provide the global context (click on an image to launch the animation):

Please send questions and comments to Dusan.Odstrcil@gmail.com at George Mason University (Department of Physics and Astronomy) and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Code 674 Space Weather Laboratory).

Acknowledgments: This work has been supported by NASA/LWS Strategic Capability Program.